History of Meeson Hall

After buying the Manor and Lordship of Bolas Magna some years before, Meeson Hall was built in 1640 by Creswell Tayleur and the family owned the estate for nearly two centuries.  The family had the custom of naming each eldest son ‘Creswell’ so there was a succession of Creswell Tayleurs. The 1719 Creswell Tayleur was succeeded by his eldest son Creswell who married Martha, followed by Creswell who married Phyllis, and Creswell who married Rachael.  It was this Creswell who sold a small part of the estate to John Jones, actually Henry Cecil, later to become the Earl of Exeter.  After his bigamous marriage to a local girl Sarah Hoggins, Cecil built Burleigh Villa named after his seat of Burleigh House, Stamford. After Sarah’s death in 1797 this new house and land were sold back to Creswell Tayleur.  The estate in the early 1800s comprised of 969 acres.  In 1718 Creswell Tayleur sold a parcel of land to a man called Thomas Meeson and we were delighted to have Thomas’s great-great grandson and wife stay with us recently. They loved finding out the history of the estate and found Thomas’s grave in Bolas Churchyard.

1819 - 1836

The last Creswell Tayleur broke the family line by dying unmarried and intestate in 1819, leaving the estate to be split between his four sisters, Rachel, Anne, Charlotte and Mary.  Charlotte was bought out by the other three and the estate divided into three roughly equal parts. Rachael the eldest and her husband Edward Scott Dickenson retained the hall and 333 acres. The deed shows Dickenson’s held ownership from 1824 – 1836.

In 1836 the Dickenson’s sold off the estate in three parts.  The Hall and 67 acres were sold to John Ogle who was an ironmaster, the ownership changing from the landed gentry to prosperous industrialists!

1865 - 1887

In 1865 following the death of John Ogle, his son Joseph sold the estate to Martin Billing. Mr Billing was a paper manufacturer and also built a paper mill in nearby Tibberton.  This new mill brought many jobs and great wealth to the village of Tibberton.  He also put in the two driveways and lodge houses that still remain to this day, East and West Lodge.  He held the estate until he died in 1883 and in February 1887 his trustees sold the property to a John Williams who only held it until 1889 when he offered the estate for sale in three separate lots.

1889 - 1933

Walter Dugdale bought the two western lots in 1889 and retained the estate until his death in 1933.  During their ownership, the Dugdale’s built the Housekeepers wing, which we use today as our charming holiday let ‘Housekeeper Cottage’.  Walter’s Great Granddaughter and her husband have holidayed in Housekeepers Cottage over the past few years and we look forward to welcoming them back again this year too!  Gill loves to stay and really feels part of her family history when she is here.  We love to see the family photos she brings to see how the house was then compared to how it is now.

1936 - 1938

In 1936 the estate was sold to the Wrekin Brewer O.D Murphy. He only owned it for a couple of years and in 1938 he sold it to Harry Lovatt.

1938 - 1960

Harry Lovatt was a successful builder from Wolverhampton.  His was the last family to own Meeson who had a full complement of staff, including butler and chauffer and his family owned the estate from 1938 – 1960.  We have had the pleasure of welcoming the granddaughters of Harry Lovatt to stay with us and again have been fascinated to hear their recollections of life at Meeson.

1960 - today

In 1960 Meeson Hall was purchased by John Hood and the estate was reduced to that comprising the Hall, its two lodges, part of the buildings used as garages and about 7.5 acres of land. He owned the property until 1986 when it was purchased by Adrian and his late wife Mavis who undertook a huge restoration project to restore the Hall and both lodges, which had fallen into a bad state of repair. They purchased some extra land and farm buildings which now form the estate and 8.5 acres in total, making Meeson Hall the manor house that it is today.

Over the past 20 years much love and attention have been given to Meeson Hall by Adrian and his partner Mark, making it into the go to holiday and special occasion destination it is today. The character and history of the manor house hotel remain for all visitors to enjoy along side a touch of luxury that undeniably makes everyone’s stay a special one!

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