Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Booking

We aim to prioritise you well being and that of other guests during your stay

Please read and confirm you accept the Terms below as a condition of your booking




Company:                            Meeson Hall

Property:                            any property or properties that are subject of a confirmed booking

You/Your:                           the individual or individuals making the booking for the Property


1.            Contract

1.1          A contract between You and the Company will come into existance on the later of the date on which payment of the booking is received or, a booking confirmation is issued    showing the confirmed holiday dates. The contract binds You and is Your responsibility  to ensure that all members of Your party understand and accept   The contract is governed by English law and jurisdiction and is a licence for the hire of the Property for holiday purposes only. No security of tenure is created by this contract

1.2          Every care has been taken to provide a true and accurate description of the Property on our website, in marketing and in email comunications, however, over time, alterations may be made and some things do change. Bookings are confirmed on the basis that no refunds will be made for such discrepancies.

1.3          Bookings cannot be accepted from individuals under 21 years of age.


2.            Payment

2.1          Unless paid at the time of booking, the balance of the holiday cost is due for payment 14 days before the start of Your holiday by bank transfer.

2.2          We reserve the right to cancel a booking where payment has not been made within the timescale outined, if the booking is made within 14 days of the holiday start date, then payment in full will be due at the time of booking.


3.            Cancellation and Refund Policy

3.1          Full refund for cancellations up to 30 days before check-in. if booked fewer than 30 days before check-in, full refund for cancellations made within 48hours of booking and at least 14 days before check-in. After that there will be no refund.

3.2          We strongly advise that You take out comprehensive travel insurance to cove cancellation. If you choose not to, the You accept responsibility for any loss that you incur due to cancellation.

3.3          The Company reserves the right to refuse a booking without giving any reason. The Company does not accept bookings from hen or stag parties and the contract may be terminated without notice or refund should it become apparent that this is the purpose of Your visit

3.4          The Company reserves the right to cancel any booking if it is considered that

                3.4.1      there is significant danger posed to guests

                3.4.2      the Proprty is damaged

                3.4.3      access to the Property is impeded

3.5          Any liability arising from the cancellation of Your holiday by the Company, for whatever reason, is strictly limited to the total sum You have paid to us and no other payment or compensation will be payable. Notification will be given of the cancellation as soon as possible.


4.            Security Deposit

4.1          The Company reserves the right to require the payment of a Security Deposit in any case.

4.2          If a Security Deposit is deemed to be required by The Company it will be invoiced and payable with The Holiday let Charge.

4.3          Each Property is inspected on departure and The Company aims to refund Security Deposits less any deductions within seven days of departure. It can take longer if deductuions are for peplacements or repairs. Security Deposit refunds are made by bank transfer unless otherwisee agreed.


5.            Breakages and Damage

5.1          You are legally bound to reimburse The Company on demand for replacement, repair or extra cleaning costs incurred as a direct result of the use of The Property by You. Reasonable charges can be incurred for, but not limited to, cleaning or replacement of floor coverings, furnishings, keys, towels, or bedding soiled beyond normal wear. However we don not charge for modest accidental breakages eg a glass, a plate etc.

5.2          The Company reserves the right to refuse further bookings as a result of previous damage.

5.3          If you notice something is missing, leaking, faulty or damaged in Your accommodation, please notify a representative of The Company immediately so appropriate action can be taken.

5.4          If You do not return Your keys at the end of the letting period then the cost of replacing Locks and the producton of new keys may be charged to You.


6.            Care and use of the Property and Grounds

                Bookings are confirmed on the basis that:

6.1          You shall take all resonable and proper care of the Property and any furniture, pictures, fittings and effects situated in, on or arround the Property and leave them in the same state of repair and condition at the end of the letting period as at the begining.

6.2          You shall abide by all reasonable instructions regarding the use of the Property and its fixtures and fittings as notified by the Company.

6.3          You accept that the Company or its represntatives reserve the right to enter the Property, on 2 hours written or verbal notice, to undertake essential maintenance or for inspection purposes. In the event of an emergency, no notice will be given prior to entry and no comensation will be given for any inconvenience caused.

6.4          You ensure doors are locled and windows are closed if You leave the Property unoccupied. The Company accepts no responsibility for personal posessions left at the Property during the holiday let period.

6.5          You should take care not to leave personal posessions in th Property on departure. We will make every effort to return high value items provided that You notify the Company within 24 hours of departure. The Company accepts no responsibility for personal posessions left in the Property following departure. A reasonable charge may be incurred for the return of lost property.

6.6          You agree that vaping or smoking anywhere inside the Property will result in immediate termination of occupancy and forfeiture of all payments. Reasonable                

6.7          You agree that use of real candles, night lights or naked flames inside the Property or in the Grounds is prohibited, unless they have been provided by the Company

6.8          You must behave in a considerate and safe manner to individuals onsite. You agree to respect fellow guests and keep noise, including amplified music in and outside the Property, to a minimum.

6.9          You and all members of your party keep to permitted rights of way and do no enter any land within the gounds maked as 'Private' or 'No Entry' as there may be unseen dangers.

6.10       You agree to dispose of all waste and recyclabe items generated during you stay according to the guidelines issued by the Company.

6.11       Use of the Property, grounds and facilities are restricted solely to guests and personal and domestic purposes only. The Company reserves the right to refuse or revoke, without refund, any booking, or terminate Your occupancy if the number of persons occupying the Property exceeds the maximum number of people as staed for Your Property, or is used for any purpose other than that stated.

6.12       any fire pits/ BBQ's are not permitted unless supplied by the Company. The use of fireworks, fire latern or bonfires are strictly prohibited.

 6.13      You enjoymeny of the ground is entirely at your own risk and children must be  supervised at all times.


7.            Pets

7.1          No pets are allowed in any property or grounds at any time.


8.            Hire Period

8.1          The letting period commences from 3pm on the day of arrival and terminates at 10am on the day of departure.


9.            Compaints

9.1          Every effort is made to ensure You have an enjoyable stay. However, if you hae a problem or cause for complaint, it is essentialtaht You contact us immediately to allow us the opportunity to resolve the issue.

9.2          A complaint can be made via email or telephone at any time.


10.0       Liability

10.1       All waranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded form the contract. Nothing in the contract excludes or limits the liability of the Company for death or personal injury     caused by the Company or any individual with the consent of the Company.

10.2       By entering into the contract, you acknowledge that any activities entered into on the grounds of the Property are done so at your own risk.

10.3       Guests are responsilble for the safety and security of individuals in their party and their children at all times.

10.4       Any recommendations, activities or services are made by way of providing information and without any liability on the part of the Company.





If you would like to get in touch, please contact us on 01952 541262 or fill in the form below and a member of the team will be in touch with you shortly.

Please note when booking, we cannot accommodate pets in any of the cottages.