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Snowdrops Galore!

Our glorious grounds here at Meeson Hall are always a pleasure to wander, whatever the season. The start of a New Year is no exception! 

Snowdrops are amongst the first flowers to raise their heads in spring, and when it’s warm these lovely flowers release a delicate fragrance too. With several different varieties to spot, this beautiful bloom has quite an impact, and colonies of them are all around our 8-acre grounds, providing a display we’re really proud of.  

The scientific name for Snowdrops is Galanthus, meaning ‘Milk Flower’.  After the Crimean War, soldiers were so charmed by the flowers they’d bring some snowdrops back from the battlefields and plant them in their own gardens. 

Snowdrops have long been associated with Candlemas Day (2nd February), which is The Feast of Purification of the Virgin Mary.  Young girls dressed in white would hang garlands of snowdrops around their necks as symbols of their own purity. Walking in procession to church, they would scatter snowdrops on the alters chanting:

‘The snowdrop in purest white array, first rears her head on Candlemas day’

This old custom may explain why such large colonies of snowdrops are found in and around churchyards.

It’s not just here at Meeson Hall that has a magnificent display to enjoy. Attingham Park and Dudmaston Hall, National Trust properties not far from us, also boast spectacular blooms.  Why not book a visit with us? Stay in either one of our luxurious hotel rooms or our cosy holiday cottages and take a stroll amongst these little beauties for yourself! 


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